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Cfs says new thermal imaging cameras to boost firefighting efforts: "A unique camera is equipped with thermal imaging technology, enabling emergency response officials to quickly determine a heat source and determine which area of the premises they should investigate. "An emergency response facility can quickly determine the temperature of any room in which they need to respond. The new cameras, which will be mounted to the main entryway of the building, allow for more rapid identification and response by firefighters."

The CFS said that it will use the cameras at many sites to help improve the safety of the facility as well as reduce its dependence on backup power, like smoke alarm and water hoses. "The new camera's infrared capabilities will allow for instant identification of a thermal source and quickly establish a heat source," said CFS Communications Officer Brian G. Kelly. "In the event of a fire, the cameras will enable officials to rapidly determine whether a source is burning in the area where they need to respond, and allow for immediate action on any heat source."

Fire experts say that the cameras won't reduce the risk of a fire occurring in an existing fire, because the infrared equipment will detect heat from a source, but will increase the odds that fire will happen in a building with no cooling.

In other emergency responses, there has been much speculation that firefighters might be using the cameras in the hopes that investigators from the Fire Department will turn up evidence in an investigation, perhaps when a fire burns in the area and no one in the building has been able to identify the source.

CFS spokesman Steve Strom said that firefighters have received complaints from fire departments that they had been threatened by their own investigators as part of the investigation of an arson attack in a home near a CFS station, but were never charged or prosecuted.

In addition, the Fire Department has warned residents not to get out of the home in the hours immediately after a fire at the station, as fire department investigators might look for the heat source and possibly identify it, officials have said.

Officials have said that fire investigators from other departments might be willing to help with an investigation to find out whether the heat source was the result of an arson attack.

The CFS has not released a list of any investigations that were launched during the first week of September, when a fire in a wooded area near the site of a recent police shooting escalated into a fire that burned down both the station and the buildings near it.

Rights activists opposition politicians arrested in malaysia to be held on suspicion of 'terrorism'

A Malaysian man and his partner are to be detained on suspicion of attempting to travel to Syria to join IS fighters, Malaysia's transport ministry said today.

Kuala Lumpur-based Anwar Ibrahim Al-Ruday, 45, and Anwar Shoukri Al-Kasim, 28, are suspected of planning to cross the porous border into Syria from Thailand, it said.

It is the latest in a string of deadly attacks by militants to claim the lives of hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders.

The ministry said it had notified Malaysia's police chief that the pair were travelling to Syria.

Authorities are still investigating whether they were planning attacks on international flights and military targets.

However, the Malay Mail and Star said that a senior member of the Malay Muslim Community, Azzaz Bekir, has said the two men were 'radicalised' while in the UK and have been detained by Malaysian authorities.