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Shark victims conservation call for full funding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Officials have released photos of a mother shark found dead off of Cocoa Beach.

The shark died on the beach between May 14 and May 22. A group of surfers are trying to learn more about it.

Wearing full gear and carrying a lifejacket, a man and woman showed up for the first public viewing Friday.

"I don't think anything can be too big," said Kay Cairns. "I've never seen anything like that, nothing like that."

The man who showed up for the viewing said they found a dead shark, probably from the same group. They are still working to determine the cause of death.

There's a lot more to do with it, but the group wants the public to stay out of the water.

"We would just like to do the best we can to preserve the lives of those that are in our care," said Mike Villela. "We're not the ones that are in the water with this shark."

The shark was found near South Cordero Beach by a man who called 911. He said he came out and saw a man struggling with the shark.

A local man came out and rescued the shark before it could be thrown into a deep lake.

Authorities said they do not know if the shark has been recovered and will work to retrieve the body.