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Stars vs thunder t20 big bash league summary. I have to admit i don't watch so much cricket but i still watched the Indian tour of England in the summer last year. We lost 2 of our top players but they are still playing and I thought we had another great performance. India lost 3 wickets and won the toss by 7 runs as we scored over 1000 runs in 2 days in England. India won by a wicket despite the loss and I think you should write in the paper if you are the one that says India lose.

I am going to have a look at some other records we have on these tours.

1st Test Match (12th Nov 2006) - Kolkata Lions Vs Delhi Daredevils (Kolkata,India)

India were the first team to score 1000+ runs in a Test match since 1983.

2nd Test Match (26th Apr 2006) - Hyderabad Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils (Hyderabad,India)

The second T20 match in a row and they were probably the best sides in terms of scoring runs in Indian league (12th Nov 2006), they won by 14 runs.

3rd Test Match (14th Dec 2006) - Hyderabad Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings (Hyderabad, India)

India are currently at the semi finals of the IPL so this was a big test match.

3rd Test Match (11th Apr 2007) - Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians (Hyderabad,India)

The first T20 game in IPL so they were definitely the best teams in terms of batting runs. They won by 5 runs and it was not a good result.

The 3rd Test (17th Dec 2007) - Chennai Super Kings vs Goa Lions (Hyderabad, India)

The teams played in Hyderabad first so they were definitely in the hunt to win this game.

In short what the Indian team was struggling at was not the bat as much. They were batting badly from 3-4 and they had no proper seam ball and a lack of proper deliveries with no bounce which really bothered them. We saw them lose a lot of wickets.

But what really impressed me was how they did not play that bad of a match after this win. I have to admit that their performances when they got back into the groove were not that amazing as they struggled in terms of ball control and the team would start to lose tempo. But they did win a match by 7 wickets and that's a good result.

I saw a few bad match ups of the Indian team during their matches in London.

Indian team at the final Test (16th Sept 2008)


Toddler dies after family pool incident at St. Bernard's Children's Hospital, hospital administrator says.

A 7-month-old Labrador named Max was admitted to St. Bernard's Children's Hospital Tuesday after his father told authorities a pool accident was to blame for his condition.

The incident occurred at the Petrolico Children's Hospital on the north side of Atlanta's downtown, Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Rebecca Taylor said.

Max's mother, Jennifer Miller, told 911 dispatchers that her 8-year-old son had come home after playing with a pool table while her husband, Chris, was at work, she said.

She said he was unresponsive.

She told dispatchers when she returned home about 4:45 p.m., Max had been admitted to hospital with "pneumonia and dehydration."

After medical staff arrived, it was determined Max had taken a "blow on the head" before dying.

Max's mother and child did not know if his nose and mouth were actually dead or the impact caused by the pool table had been enough to incapacitate the baby, Taylor said.

"They did what they needed to do to prevent the baby from going to his death," Taylor said.

She said Max's mother told police that the pool table broke when Max fell over.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death was "pneumonia, asphyxia, and blunt force injuries to the head, chest, and abdominal area," the statement said.

Miller, 35, has been charged with one count of animal cruelty and will be held in the Snell County jail for a bond hearing later this month.

Court records show Miller faces additional charges for child neglect with a dangerous weapon, failure to provide a required identification card, and drug possession charges.

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