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Major flood levels slowly easing in tully; northbound lanes of the viaduct reopening by 11 am

Mountain roads are closed in Tully, northbound lanes are closed in the city of Hamilton and in the city of Peel.

Highway conditions in Tully:

All roads in the tully region and south of Eglinton will remain open.

Waterborne hazards at the Tully River.

Mountain roads

Mountain road conditions are as follows:

All roads in the tully region will remain open. Waterborne hazards will only be considered if they have minimal impact on public safety.

In the city of Hamilton, the city of Peel and the city of Vaughan will remain open.

In the city of York and other municipalities, the road closures will be in place for a period of 1 day from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday, December 11.

Rural roads

In rural communities, all roads are open to traffic except in some restricted areas. Residents should be aware of possible impacts of road closures.

Public transit

The TTC has issued a statement on the affected route.

Roads closed at TTC's Weston GO Station

Service on TTC buses at Toronto Pearson International Airport and Woodbine GO Station will be suspended. The airport bus service will not be operated as usual.

Sidewalk closures

The TTC has issued a detour from Eglinton to Keele Street on Stoneycrest. On-street parking will be limited.

Traffic in the city of Toronto:

Closed off at both Pearson International and Woodbine GO stations due to the flooding. Expect delays.

Toronto's major arteries at Bayview Ave. & Richmond Hill Rd. remain closed at 2pm Saturday.

Bayshore bus route 4 and GO routes 5 and 6 remain closed at the same time as the flood of Thursday, December 11, from Eglinton to McCowan and Dundas ST. The GO trains will operate between 5pm and 9pm.

Shuttle service to and from the Toronto Pearson International Airport has been suspended.

Service on the subway from Keele Street to the GO bus terminal is expected to resume on Saturday, December 11.

Closed off at Weston GO station due to the flooding.

Road closures at the CN Tower:

A significant traffic impact was reported when the elevators came to a stop. It is likely that the escalators and stairwells will have to be replaced as well.

Due to the increased volume, many subway vehicles are still missing some doors while others are being removed to allow buses or residents more access. For more information on this procedure, please go her

Sheep producers turn to drone warfare to strike wild dogs

A senior official with the British Ministry of Defence said the country's defence equipment was currently deployed to Afghanistan "to support international efforts to establish a peaceful zone" to stop potential terrorist attacks like Friday's attack.

There had been a number of attacks against military targets since July, including an attack on a helicopter outside a Nato base near Herat province and a bomb in the West Bank. The British government had also called on Nato and the international community to put pressure on Pakistan to curb its anti-Muslim rhetoric, although the Pakistani military declined to comment.

"They have to understand that we, as humanitarians, understand that the armed conflict is going on there and as such we need all the tools possible to provide protection to our people," said Chris Buckley, UK director at UN human rights office, said.

Last week Pakistan condemned a British air strike, saying it killed seven Taliban fighters. It also called on Britain to stop its drone programme.

The Taliban did not formally condemn Friday's attack, but spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said "we condemn terrorism" and condemned "the British aggression in Kashmir".

"We condemn terror strikes and will retaliate against it with force," he said.