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Chaotic final day of parliament for the year,” a blogpost by a prominent British lawyer, William Kunkel, who lives in London, said.

His argument is that the vote by Parliament on Wednesday means that it will not approve the controversial controversial law, which allows police the right to stop people merely to check they are not linked to terrorism, and can also allow police and government agents to question the passengers who have just boarded them without warning.

“It will be illegal and illegal to question people for less than five minutes during their journey, and to extend their journeys to over eight hours,” Mr. Kunkel said. “No one could have imagined, and no one will be able to imagine, that, if Parliament passes this bill, the police are going to make their decisions based solely on suspicion alone. The question is whether the British legal system has a role to play.”

The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights on Monday is set to put a significant dent into European Union-wide legislation permitting questioning of travelers at ports of entry. The court ruled that the European Union’s border checks were valid.

Corridor sewerage line damage fixed quickly (thanks @Gaz_W_T)

Barrowing Alley can now be reached safely via a staircase, allowing the area to be cleaned up faster

Fixed two collision with fences in the lower level of the Docks

Added a ‘Missions:Fishing’ task to assist adventurers in finding and taking fishing fish (thanks @gaz_w_t)

The Dragon Bridge can no longer be used while loading a save before the Dragon Gate has been built (and while in Dragonheim)

Ride with the horse will now always appear at the correct location if riding a horse is disabled before joining the group (Thanks @Jekyllandw)

Fixed the possibility of the following happening during the first and last mission (thanks @Gaz_W_T)

Added a little more variety to the loot in shops (thanks @T_Sack)

Improved various dialogue options for various quests (thanks @Gaz_W_T, @Jekyllandw)

Fixed incorrect placement of the player’s equipment in certain chests (thanks @T_Sack)

The Dragonborn should no longer get lost at night while sneaking around during the night time quest, this should no longer happen.

A few more bugs were fixed (thanks @jhf and @gaz_w_t)

There is now a set of “Helpers” to assist you in your tasks that assist in keeping the main quest running smoothly, some of these may be useful when the quest is toggled in the main menu but more will be included in future updates.

Fixed an issue with the player’s walking animation not fading properly when using the horse to travel around, this fixes the issue and should provide more visual relief, check out the youtube video which features the horse!

There is now a quest called ‘Marksman’ to go along with the main quest ‘Wasteland’, this quest will give you a new horse to ride called the ‘Marksman’.

Fixed an issue with the game not saving if you completed the Main Quest (sorry folks)

The Thieves Guild quest ‘Wanted: The Dragonborn’ is no longer requiring you to fight with your horse, this should allow some new followers to join the quest line without having to make a character choice (thanks @dontrunescape)

The quest ‘Gorlgond’s Promise: The King of Dragons’ is now complete! The quest can be completed within the same world (thanks @T_Sack)

The quest ‘Icy Blood: A Game of Magic’ is no longer being removed and no longer needs to be completed

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