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Ccc suffers setback over dorazio report

NEWARK -- A New Jersey jury has found former police chief Donald Ccc suffers setback over dorazio report.

He was found liable on $300,000 of damages brought by the city of Newark in 2013 by an arbitrator who had ruled that Ccc had failed to warn of a dangerous drug known as dorazio, the city said Friday afternoon.

"As a result of this verdict, Mr. Ccc cannot practice law or have his law license suspended and will be released on bond, while continuing to defend against the allegations against him," the city said.

Ccc, 52, was a police officer with the department from 1977 to 1994.

The suit was brought by two people, both now deceased, who alleged they had tested positive for the drug as children.

Cucc, who served as Newark police chief from 1984-92, was fired in 2013 amid the drug issue. A grand jury also investigated the matter.

The case has been dismissed by an arbitrator.

The three-person panel heard Thursday that Ccc was not at fault for the drug-related death of 18-year-old Terrence Brown. The drug killed him at a New Jersey motel in 2000.

Dorazio, a stimulant that has a very high affinity for the central nervous system and causes headaches, was first synthesized in 1970 as a chemical that could be used to improve learning and memory in children.

"Allowing such a dangerous substance, at the time, to flourish in our society is truly unfortunate," the city said, adding that Ccc "did not fail to warn of the dangers inherent in this dangerous substance" and "had a duty to act to protect those communities in his care that he served."

Patient dies after ambulance rolls at virginia city

The medical examiner's office has determined that the baby had died of drowning. A few days earlier, the baby's grandfather told authorities he had dropped the baby off at an apartment complex after the accident.

"I know him well. I think, we're like parents right now, I'm looking forward to a new life," Michael N. Wilson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"He's a person with great character and just kind of left a horrible mess," Wilson said.

His nephew, Michael W. Johnson, told police he never saw the boy alive until he came home after learning he drowned.

On Monday, police confirmed that Johnson was arrested and charged with murder and attempted manslaughter.

On Friday, the Fulton County District Attorney's Office filed a manslaughter charge against Johnson for drowning a baby in a creek. Authorities said he took out a bucket and put the baby in the water before calling 911.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office released photos showing the two bodies near the river in a clearing near the apartment complex. Two family members called 911, asking if they needed to be rescued.

Police said Johnson later told the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office that he used the bucket to drown the baby.

But investigators said those accounts differed.

Johnson's father, who lives nearby, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that police told him the boy was dead when they arrived to retrieve the baby from the creek.

In the meantime, a woman who lived just yards away from where the accident happened said she's worried about her grandson, who also had asthma and said she didn't hear his voice.

"I've never heard him so calm before. It's not something I wanted to be worried about because he was just a good person, he was a happy baby," said Shannon Prentice, whose grandson runs an art gallery. "I think if you look close enough, you're going to see what happened. It's definitely tragic that this happened."

Prentice also told The Associated Press she hasn't talked to her grandson, saying her son was good-natured and was always smiling.

At the apartment complex where the fatal crash occurred, officers told neighbors that someone tried to run a car over a baby as it drove away from the complex.

Neighbors, meanwhile, said they were in shock Monday.

"My heart goes out to his family, we're just devastated right now," said Loy Allen, the apartment complex's leasing manager. "We got no word at all."

Allen declined to comment specifically on what was reported to police.

It was unclear Wednesday if Johnson had been arrested. A Fulton County Jail records offic