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Samuel tells you, "A few guidelines.

1: All OOC updates will be on PR2 Channel or in pages to Skye. No OOC chatter here not directly related to the plot at hand. inquiries for clarification are fine.

3: 1 butt. never go to one but. objective, i'm not a rules savant, i'm not really an encyclopedia. If I complete a bad rules call, You should object. Once. I will measure the objection then rule on it. We continue forward from edinburgh without further argument.

4: Story comes in front of rules. I don't specifically care if, guarantees, You have the dice to try and bitch slap the dragon in line with the rules presented in the SR Companion, mythical beasts of the Sixth World, The dragon is probably not going to be phased much by it.

thereby, Comes the great call.

Through a network of fixers and connectors and Johnsons, Samuel has the little file built on Silk, a recent arrival in Denver. Someone who knows a few things about 'things' while also to be able to handle herself.

and also, there's always Ophi, A recent college graduate student from the Pacific rim, Come to Denver at located of Samuel.

the e-mail is simple. sign up with 'Mr. James Finn' at a small family restaurant for Thai and business considerations. Come only, Come only sparingly armed. Nothing transparent. The Restaurant is perfectly found on the PCC sector, In one of the most popular nightclub districts that have sprung up in that economically supercharged district.

Kassandra arrives at these time, Leaving a meeting at the nearby Olympic center to go to the resturant. the small elven woman slips into Thai Me Up, Lips twitching in a double entendre therein. The woman waits to be sitting, refering to to the hostess the party that she is here to see.

The party was showing as 'Finn'. The waitress huge smiles, Gesturing applying menu. "Right some cash,in this. mr. Finn is already here,

Samuel is seated in a back corner booth, His trademark suit and tie meticulous in detail. He has a menu in spanish beauty front of him and is very much studying it in detail, despite the fact that he probably memorized it hours ago.

The Taxi driver examines him crossly, japanese handlebar twitching above his lips, "remorseful, Whut didja assert, Akkarat Hanuman sighs, Slumps and promises "Can you take me to "thai me up, It's a purpose. choose hurry, The Thai man groans as the french man grins in a wicked mind in the sewers way, "desirable o',

The trip is absolutely not long, And the fare is very cheap. restfully the Thai man leaves no tip and walks into Thai me up, satisfying the waitress, Who now, Like many folks, Starts speaking Japanese to Akkarat Hanuman, Assuming him of Japanese race. Without changing her he follows her to the room for Mr. Finn.

When others arive, mr. Finn stands up. "i appreciate you for coming, like, take a seat, Order some eating, a spot of something to drink, The booth is almost sectioned off from all of those other restaurant, Private in its quality. He sits back down. "I am billy Finn, And I will be your host this evening,

Kassandra gets a seat at the booth, acquiring tea in a quiet voice at Mr. Finn's word of advice. She nods inside their host, Settling in and folding her hands on the table before her. The woman glances to Hanuman as well as to Mr. Finn, Eyes wandering both men before the inevitable business begins.

Akkarat Hanuman statements, Bowing rather, "thanks a lot, mr. Finn, He twists the clip on tie, Fabricating the lie and the making of it look like a real one. His black jeans and sports coat a little dirty fromwhat is really apparent at the time.

Sitting back down, 'Mr. Finn' cracks his neck with a weary almost way. "I have the specific place I need particular information from. It's straightened out. It's somewhat of a priority and it's somewhat. Unorthodox. ARe you gentle people ready unorthodox actions,

Unorthodox. remote. precedence. Kassandra runs the terms through her head, All of which seem to indicate something pays well, In credit or other concrete benefits. The elven woman nods at a low speed, Leaning in the relative comfort of the book. She smiles on Mr. Finn, Keeping the smile friendly and seasoned rather than coquettish. "I believe I am great for such, sir,

"naturally absolutely certain, yep, The thai man says, With an saying yes smile. then he tilts his head a bit, "Uh, you bet, merely how much? money? And the actions? Yes and what would you like that we are doing, Akkarat Hanuman clasps his hands down, reclining forward.

Samuel increases a woman who can answer a question without flirting. it lost art in the Denver Shadowscene, it seems. He nods to Kassandra as he takes his drink from the server who has go back. When she's gone, Drinks spanish dating sites set down for all those, Samuel returns to business. He places a small WNG shared and turns it on. Not so uncommon in most dining places when business is being discussed. "the money. That is open to negotiation above how much support I will need to provide, But for your time, effort, I can open a proposal at 30,000 nuyen. This is as much as a years salary for many, So I feel it is a reasonable sum for what i will ask of you,

Kassandra pours a bag deftly, And while she does not show the intricate skill of a geisha, a few movements indicate she isn't a stranger to tea ceremonies in general. Steam rises the particular cup, Staining the air with encouraging aromas and warmth. The elf doesn't dicker about expense, Instead suggesting with a small nod for Mr. Finn to keep at it, Her focus piqued.

The Thai man weren't able to be quicker to agree to the sum, "not surprisingly. Divided among us? That noises grand, He talks about Kassandra and says, "I will be handling you, confident? la and orange county Ak Uhm, Yes i'm Patwrick Swaize, He smiles and appears back at Mr. Finn.

Samuel can't help but chuckle at the name. "simply not true, mr. Swaize. just about. for sure, Dependent upon how much actual support you will require to complete the mission. as mentioned, It is one of a special case, So I don't expect you to have the desired gear on hand. "

Kassandra comes with a smile to Mr. Swaize exactly the same, "charmed, She doesn't act in response in kind as of yet, Perhaps feeling things aren't final just yet. She turns her special attention politely to Mr. Finn however, Mentally logging the results he is laying out.

"I can hire things, Akkarat Hanuman reports, Hands making a sphere up, "But what's the special case,

Samuel reaches down to his briefcase, creating a map of Antarctica. "for this reason cold, a unique dry, Despite being composed of ice, And its a warzone of competing corporate and national appeal. Before I proceed with this briefing, I need assurances of non disclosure,

The Thai man sways back, As if he's going to say no just on the belief that many it's going to even be about cold weather. He recalls that figure however, And how much money it'll buy him. "ok. certainly, I will not disclose this. We not going you can discover we,

Kassandra also increases an eyebrow, Nodding, "properly. I will affirm that what I hear at this moment and place will not be spoken, written, this is discussed by myself with outside parties.